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When it comes to restaurant cleaning many companies provide really poor performance because every day is a new project in this type of cleaning.
Here at Mak Cleaning LLC we know what it takes to keep one restaurant clean close to perfection.

Since 2007 in Denver Downtown area we started cleaning several popular restaurants and build our experience all the way to the top.

Now we provide every kind of cleaning service that one restaurant needs and we expand our business taking over many restaurants all over Colorado.

Here at Mak Cleaning LLC we do things little different than other companies.

  • we don't subcontract to others
  • we supervise all the restaurants on daily  basis
  • we don't require any contract (we want to prove our work)
  • we also do walk through's with restaurant management

We clean:

  • front of the house(vacuum,sweep,mop,scrub,dusting....)
  • kitchen cleaning:floor sweep and mop ,scrubbing,equipment cleaning,drains cleaning...)
  • restroom cleaning:glass mirrors,toilets,sinks,walls,floors....)
  • bar cleaning
  • patio cleaning
  • and more

Mak Cleaning LLC also provide any kind of additional services periodically such as:carpet cleaning,hi-dusting,strip and wax,power-washing, awnings cleaning, tile cleaning, windows cleaning and many more for big discounts for our regular customers.

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